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Jira integration per-repo using plastic-global-config (cloud)


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Hi, I've been able to successfully set up the Jira integration from Plastic Cloud locally, but can't seem to get it to work globally.

I set up the Jira integration from the Windows GUI via Preferences/Issue Trackers (with "Apply binding to" set to Repositories, the only other option being default@local - not sure why the specific repo doesn't appear) and that worked. However I want it to be automatically set up for all clients. So I've tried putting the resulting jira.conf in plastic-global-config on my org's cloud server (the same server as the repo I want integrated with Jira) as follows:



Name=User name;Value=XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXX.com;Type=User;IsGlobal=False
Name=Branch prefix;Value=;Type=BranchPrefix;IsGlobal=True
Name=Project Key;Value=XXXXX;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True
Name=Custom Field ID;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True
Name=Use LDAP credentials if available;Value=False;Type=Boolean;IsGlobal=False
Name=Use default proxy credentials;Value=False;Type=Boolean;IsGlobal=False
Name=Issue query limit;Value=50;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False
Name=Resolved issue states;Value=Done;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True
Name=Issue types;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False
Name=Fields mapping;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False
Name=REST URL;Value=/rest/api/2/;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True
Name=Task URL;Value=/browse/;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True
Name=Status transitions;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True

Then I deactivated the local Jira integration from the PlasticSCM preferences/issue trackers GUI. I also removed the <Extensions> entry from my local client.conf.

Upon commiting this to plastic-global-config and restarting the GUI, AppData/Local/plastic4/globalconfig/xxxx@cloud/MyTargetRepo/issuetrackers/jira.conf appears correctly. However, the integration does not appear in the GUI and the <Extensions> entry in client.conf doesn't appear either. None of this happens for other people with access to MyTargetRepo either.

Am I missing something? Is automatic setup for all clients not possible? Do the above settings need modification somehow?

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On 11/3/2021 at 6:05 AM, calbzam said:

This is a known issue. We should have a fix soon.

In summary, there is not a good way at the moment to share the JIRA configuration via the Plastic global repos if you are using a cloud server.

Is this still an issue? I'm having this same basic problem and am trying to understand whether it's on Plastic's side or mine.

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Even when there is not a definited fix, the is the following workaround that should help:


We have found a workaround for this issue that should require a version upgrade.

We need to edit the "C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf" and replace "local" by "MK4Gaming@cloud".

The problem here is the following: by default, Cloud Edition is connected to local. Which is good for distributed development.

By default, I actually mean the server in your client.conf. This is the one we use for Issue trackers.

Please let us know if it helps.



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Hey there!

I'm also having the same issue pushing a global Jira config to cloud clients. I'm on the latest version of Plastic ( on Windows. 

The above workaround does not appear to work. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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