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Identical file diff still shows as changed item although preference setting should ignore them

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I've enabled the option "Check the content to determine files as changed, not just timestamp". Previously, this would hide files with the same content but new timestamps completely from the pending changes view in Plastic SCM GUI. Especially when working with Unity this setting is important, because Unity like to touch a lot of files without actually changing anything.

However, in the most recent version (, it seems the option no longer works:



I've checked in a couple of files and then copy pasted the same files on top, because I had a few selected manual changes I wanted to port. In this case, only 2 or 3 files should have modifications, but Plastic shows all 237 in the pending changes view. The diff view however correctly states that "Files are identical".

Is this some special case I'm not aware of or might there be something wrong?

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I am trying to reproduce this issue without success so far.

Are you using the PlasticSCM Unity plugin?

Do you know what type of action inside unity triggers this behaviour? (Moving, renaming, deleting - Scenes/Prefabs...)


Unity Plastic SCM Support Team

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Hi, thanks for looking into this! Can I send you a private message with attachments or reach you directly via mail somehow? I have a video or could also provide logs, if that is helpful.

I can reproduce this issue the following way:

- Checkout a working copy of a git project via git tools
- Migrate the git project to Plastic SCM via fast export fast import
- Checkout a working copy of the plastic project to a new location
- Now there are two project directories which should have "equivalent" content (same file contents)

Now, if I copy paste a directory of multiple (!) files from the git working copy to the plastic workspace, the file shows up as modified but identical. Of course, I have the setting "check content" enabled, which seems to work fine in other cases, e.g. when I only paste a single file it doesn't seem to reliably happen, but it does if I copy paste an entire folder.


EDIT: I'm not using the Unity plugin, only Plastic SCM full GUI.

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This also happens to me. Specifically with the ProjectSettings\boot.config and ProjectSettings\GvhProjectSettings.xml files which always get their timestamp modified but almost never change. It's super annoying to work with these and I also can't put them in the Ignore list. Can you help please?

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