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Toggling "Only relevant" button will move branch explorer away from selection


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Release version : Cass Elliot
OS: Windows
Steps to reproduce : Select the "Only relevant" button in the Branch Explorer. Then select a changeset. Now toggle the only relevant button off.
Real result : The view jumps to a point in the past and the selected changeset is no longer visible.



Expected result: The Branch Explorer view should stay focused on the selected changeset or the "home-changeset" (current workspace location), 
if nothing else is selected.





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The following rules are used to determine how to maintain the position:

  • If the "home" changeset is visible on the screen it maintains its relative position.
  • If there is a selected changeset, it maintains its relative position. If the selected changeset is not relevant, its relevant parent is used.
  • Otherwise the most right visible changeset is used to maintain the relative position.
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