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12-hour time format


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What are your PC settings and which platform? I assume that Plastic uses whatever you have configured in e.g. Windows Regional Settings.

At least on my machine with Regional format English (Germany) it looks correct:



It doesn't really make sense to have different regional formats per application, does it? Would only confuse if it weren't consistent. But of course, maybe the Plastic client is bugged and doesn't use the correct regional format of the operating system.

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Oh, sorry it is Linux .

It feels that plastic just ignore LC_ settings

I have


I think i got from where issue appear. I don`t know why but for Linux plastic client take in account only LANG variable and ignore LC_* overrides . In linux quite typical to have general locale en_US and the rest overridden by LC_* vars.   It is used to make all system translations English and time , money , start of week and another settings in accordance with geo. English translation used to obtain non localized errors and warnings which much easy to search in internet.


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