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Here is my first feedback after playing around with PlasticX


  • GUI feels very reactive. Opening tab, clicking button, ... I cannot explain why but reactivity feels way better than the other GUI
  • Seeing the username on top-right is very appreciable improvement for me because I as administrator of our Plastic SCM server I am often switching user between my personal account, administrator root account, and some other user account to check their issue and permissions
  • Having the left menu and tab merge as a unique menu on the left is simpler
  • Having custom view opening (i.e "browser repository in this changset", and "browse changeset of this branch") opening on the right view is less confusing than having a lot of multiple tab at the same time.


  • It is not possible to close custom view once they are open


  • Font rendering looks weird. I have posted more details in this specific thread.
  • "Workspace selection" window does not open a new window. When working with several workspace at the same time, you I often need several workspace window open at the same time. It will be convenient to be able to do it from the "worskpace selection" window, at least as an option

GUI Non Sense to me:

  • "Switch Workspace" Button location: The "Switch Workspace" button is on the button where all the workspace information are on the top bar. It took me time to find this button and I think it will feel more natural to have it with the rest of infos



  • "Update" and "View" button confusion: There still are two button to update a workspace with different behavior and located at different places: "Update Workspace" and "View (incoming change)"
    • It is not clear that the "View" button can be used to update the workspace. Every new user when they start with Plastic will at some point complain to me they cannot update their workspace (because "Update workspace" button fail when merge are required. And I have to tell them actually they should use the "View" button
    • I think a unique button should be good enough (it can suggest a merge if necessary)
    • Even if two buttons need to remain, they should be located at the same place


  • The server global permission button is still a button you access from the context menu of a specific repository. I think it should be in a more "global" location. The fact it is called "repository server" is confusing because it could mean it is repository specific, that's what I thought the first time. (especially it is under a repository specific context menu).
  • The User Permission window is very inconvenient when you have a lot of group and user.
    • It is not possible to compare the permission between groups and users because they are displayed on separated view.
      • If you want several user to apply the same policy to several users (i.e same permission set) you need to go back and forth between the view to check they are the same.
      • The window is not large enough to display all the permission so not only going back and forth but you also need to scroll at the right position.
    • It is not possible to check several permission quickly because
      • every time you check a permission the description of that permission open and it move the position of all the checkbox below. Impossible for you to target the checkbox
      • The window is too small to display all the checkbox, so you need to scroll.
      • Try to check 1 out of 2 checkbox, and notice how painful it is
    • A simple 2D Tab UI with line being permission and column being user (or vice-versa) will already improve a lot the situation
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Thank you very much for your feedback!

We already changed the location of the "Switch Workspace" in the last public release. I hope you like the given solution :)

We will keep applying some of your suggestions!

Regarding the reported bug "It is not possible to close custom view once they are open". You have a close button in the views, is it missing in any?


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