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Client not respecting conf file language

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Coworker is trying to change their plastic scm client from Korean to English. They checked the client.conf file and it says


but it's still displaying the UI in Korean. How are we supposed to fix that?

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You need to set the language to "force_en". This is something that we will change in the short term, allowing to change the language from the UI, but in the meantime, please try that option and let us know if worked for you.


[Public] - 2021/03/25

All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: automatically change display language on East Asian systems

You might have seen in an earlier release that to take advantage of newly supported languages Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean, you can set the language in your client.conf.

Furthermore, so that users unaware of this can also enjoy the new languages, we will now automatically set the display language to match the system language if the system language is one of the above and the language in the client.conf is "en" or "zh" or not set.

NOTE: if your system is set to an East Asian language, but you want to force Plastic to appear in English, simply set "force_en" as the language in client.conf, like this:



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