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Release - Plastic Links are now available for all platforms!


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Hi everyone and happy new year!

We have released last week a significant update to PlasticX. You can view our complete release notes here: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/


Plastic Links are now available for all platforms!

All platforms - PlasticX: Added support for diff and code review Plastic Links

Plastic Links are a great way to share content from your plastic repositories with your colleagues. You can easily share diffs, links to files and links to code reviews using Plastic Links.

  • What is a plastic link?
    • A plastic link is a URL that looks something like: plastic://test.cloud/repos/NikkiTest1/changesets/50/diff
  •  How do I open it?
    • Just click on the link in the normal way and Plastic or Gluon will launch (if not already running) automatically and show you the content specified in the link.
    • Note: On Windows and MacOS, while PlasticX is in alpha, you will be asked whether you want to open links in Plastic (official release) or in PlasticX (alpha). You can change this setting at any time in Preferences -> Other options. On Linux, plastic links will always be opened in PlasticX.
  •  How do I create a link to share with my colleagues?
    • From within Plastic, you can share diffs from any diff view by clicking on the Plastic Link icon in the top right corner. This copies the link into your clipboard, ready to paste into a message. You can also share code reviews by clicking the Plastic Link icon in the top right of the code review window.

Here is a screenshot of the Plastic Link icon:



What else is new?

All platforms - PlasticX: launch internal image diff by default

If you have the default binary diff tool configured (or have no binary diff tool configured), image diffs will launch in a new PlasticX window.


All platforms - PlasticX: Save the last used workspace.

When switching the workspace from the top-left workspace selector, now the last used workspace is remembered when you close and reopen PlasticX.


All platforms - PlasticX: Support lines longer than 10.000 characters in diff and annotate views.

Prior to this fix, AvaloniaEdit (the text editor we use to display differences and annotate), didn't support displaying lines longer than 10.000 characters. We created this PR to fix it https://github.com/AvaloniaUI/AvaloniaEdit/pull/172


All platforms - PlasticX: Added scroll bar to the annotate view

Before this change, the annotate view was scrollable, but the scroll bar was not visible. We changed this and now you can see a vertical scroll bar when the file is long enough



All platforms - PlasticX: Added color picker control

Added the color picker control to be able to set custom colors to branches and changesets in the branch explorer using the rules and filters panel. This is how it looks:



Bug Fixes

All platforms - PlasticX: The "home" icon sometimes was not drawn on a newly created branch.

In certain machines under some concurrency scenarios, when creating a new branch and selecting the "Switch workspace to this branch" caused that the new branch is created but the home icon is not in the right place. Now it's fixed.


All platforms - PlasticX: Removed separator from the notification bar

In the bottom status bar, we sometimes show notification messages. To separate those messages we use a vertical line, which should only be visible when there is more than one message. We were always showing this line, even when there were no notifications to show:



Linux - PlasticX: Fixed hang when closing application

Sometimes when closing the workspace window in Linux, the application got frozen and it never ended. We fixed this issue


All platforms - PlasticX: Fixed an error that appeared after opening and closing the preferences window.

When opening and closing the preferences window, PlasticX displayed an exception. Now it's fixed.


All platforms - PlasticX: Removed latency when toggling "Only relevant" button

When clicking on the "Only relevant" button in the branch explorer, there was a latency that made the GUI freeze for some seconds. This was because of an operation that should be running in the background but instead was blocking the whole application. We fixed this call and now the branch explorer updates immediately

Also, now after refreshing the branch explorer view, if there are new branches or changesets that match the text in the search box, they will be highlighted

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