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Remove git connection from Plastic Cloud repo


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we want to migrate our GitHub repo to Plastic Cloud and break the connection with Git (to get all the Plastic sweet features). This topic explains how to do it with local repo, but unfortunately it is not working with Cloud. What is the best way to do it? 

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi @Garrett,

Thank you for reaching out. 

If you want to migrate from Github repository to Plastic cloud, GitSync is an option for you. The link you refer should be working for you to remove the connection. To assist you better, could you please let us know what steps you follow to migrate from Github to Plastic Cloud? 


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great, here is the steps:

1 - I've created repository in Plastic Cloud

2 - In branch explorer I've clicked main branch -> Push / Pull -> Sync with Git, set up parameters and clicked sync. Repo synced successfully.

3 - I've checked, there is no Attributes in the "Attributes" tab:


4 - I closed plastic, went to C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\plastic4\sync\git and removed the folder containing mappings

5 - Cloud Repository still considered Synced with Git:



I expected this behavior, obviously Cloud repo should keep mappings somewhere on it's side. The question is how to remove them.

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Thanks for the update @Garrett,

The "Option" can be used for both Changeset and branch but I am afraid that I cannot confirm if you are on option for branch or Changeset. 

Could you please check if you can see attributes when you click Attributes from Other Actions(see the screenshot below)?


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Oh my, the whole time I was looking to the wrong tab. It helped. You saved me so much time, I was ready to sync with local repository, remove mapping and copying to clean Cloud repo through "sync to cloud", which is supper slow.

Thank you very much! I convince every company I worked to switch to plastic and there is a good reason for it. Not only it is the most convenient VCS, also support is as always great. 

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