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Item in Library/PackageCache is not changed in current workspace


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Hey there,

I've migrated from Unity 19 to 21 now and from Collaborate to Plastic SCM, and I wanted to commit all changed to have a stable version before continuing with new features.

The thing is that when I try to commit everything, specifically now the Packages\ folders, it pops out this error:


"The item /Library/PackageCache/com.unity.2d.animation@7.0.3 is not changed in current workspace"


Note that this item is outside of the current list of changes, as it only includes the files in /Packages, not in /Library. No matter if I do undo or whatever, the error keeps popping up when I commit this folder (not the rest of my assets in the /Assets folder). What can I do?

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Hi @sqmath, sorry for the delayed response and that you're experiencing this issue. It's very bizarre that anything from your Library folder would try to be committed through Plastic, since the default ignore file we generate ignores the entire Library folder. You can confirm this by going into your project's root folder (where the Assets, Packages, Library etc. folders are located) and opening the ignore.conf file to confirm that "Library" is listed as an ignore rule. 

I assume that the 2D Animation package is required by your project if you're trying to push it. Could you tell me your Unity Editor version, Version Control package version (you can confirm this from the Package Manager window), and which OS you're working on? I'd like to try to reproduce this error on my end.

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