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How to submit/push a file


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I recently installed Gluon and created a repository for testing out the software.

In doing so I'm running into some issues trying to submit files.
The "checkin changes" button doesn't seem to actually push files to the cloud server.

Going through the guide I've not been able to make it work either.

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Yes, it is supported. 
Let's try this:

  • Open the regular PlasticSCM GUI.
  • Go to "other actions" and then "sync repositories".
  • Create a new sync view and set the local repo as the source one and the cloud one as the destination one.
  • Push the branches with the "push visible" option.
  • Go to the repositories view.
  • Set the cloud server in the top bar and then search for the cloud repo you just synced.
  • Right-click on the latest changeset.
  • Select the "switch workspace to this changeset" option.

With that, your content should be in the cloud now and your workspace pointing to that repo, so you don't need to run the sync operations anymore.



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