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Expanding/collapsing folders in the Workspace Explorer reacts on mouse-up, not mouse-down, feeling more sluggish than necessary

Mikael Kalms

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I'm testing with PlasticX on Windows, v10.0.16.6538.

Here is a snapshot from the Workspace Explorer view:


When I click on one of these right-arrow symbols, the UI will respond to the mouse-up event, not the mouse-down event. This makes the UI feel more sluggish than necessary. The old Plastic client reacts to the mouse-down event.


In addition, I notice that it is not 100% reliable. Lots of clicking on the same folder's right-arrow will sometimes make a folder higher up expand. I think that is related to folders sometimes not opening instantly, and the UI not handling non-instant opens entirely correctly.

I made this (an arrow disappeared) happen just by clicking a couple of times on that arrow -- see that 'Meshes' is missing an arrow in the screenshot below:



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