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Merging Branching question with multiple versions of base software(php)


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Hello, our shop has just upgraded to plastic for better integration with the rest of our organization, and using the branch-task work.


I have been reading some of the documentation and have a question about work flow.


We currently have an application written in PHP3 that we are looking to upgrade to PHP5, the issue is, that there is still on going development on the PHP3 code.


Please see the attached image of what we are trying to do.



Using PlasticSCM what is the proper process to accomplish this task?


Thank you





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If you are maintaining two different versions, I would recommend to use two different branches for "/PHP5" and "/PHP3". From these branches you create the different task branches.  You can also perform merge/checrripick between the two versions if necessary.


You can even have a "/integration" branch as intermediate step between the different task branches and the stable versions.




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