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I find the scroll handle in the scrollbar unnecessarily narrow.

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The scroll handle in PlasticX is narrower than in regular Plastic. I find it difficult to hit with the mouse.


As for the old Plastic client, I have no problems with hitting that handle:




When using the client in fullscreen mode, I realize that what I usually do in a situation like this is, I slam the mouse cursor into the right-hand side of the screen, and then I move it a few pixels to the left to get it onto the handle. The new client's handle, however, has a ratio of (width of handle) / (distance between handle and edge of window) that requires me to use more precision (and move more slowly) when I align the mouse horizontally. It's the same kind of problem that I'd face if I was using the client in a non-maximized window. The old client's handle width + height is such that it's not a precision problem for me -- but the new client's handle width makes it noticeable to me.


I also think that the new handle can become shorter (vertically that is) than Windows' standard scroll handles do. I think that compounds the issue for me.




It's enough many pixels that I can't just put the mouse into the right-hand screen border and then"adjust a 

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