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Bring back the feature to undo a single change in the pending changes diff view

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In the previous GUI I could click on the little arrow/cross icon between the two columns of the diff in the pending changes view to undo this specific change block. I used this feature all of the time, please bring it back!


In the newest version of PlasticX this seems to be replaced by a feature that allows me to open this change block in a separate window, which I don't find useful at all. What is the use case for this? It was already possible to open the file in a new tab previously in case I wanted to save the diff for later, but I feel like focusing in on just a single line doesn't add much, especially if I lose the ability to easily undo accidental changes. For example, I would often do some experiments in code, maybe accidentally format something, then implement the fix and cleanup the script in Plastic simply by undoing everything but the actually relevant lines of code, which makes for clean checkins.


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