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Plastic Clients unable to see Plastic Server : Windows Firewall Issue

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I am in the process of moving our plastic server to a new machine. All going well so far, users, configs good, databases still transferring (will take a while so unable to powercycle at the moment).

However, I've tripped at a basic hurdle. Clients on our network are unable to see the server and it appears to be linked to good ol' windows firewall - as on disabling windows firewall on the server the client is then able to see the server.


  • Server OS: Windows Server 2019 Standard v. 1809
  • Client OS: Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Pro
  • Port used: 8087
  • Old server has been disconnected from the network

Troubleshooting so far

  • Using Telnet in command line on client computer confirms the port is open on the server's IP
  • Firewall rule created opening TCP 8087 over Domain, Private, Public - inbound and outbound
  • Tried other port numbers

Any help much appreciated

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Knew as soon as I posted I'd solve it

Created a firewall inbound rule allowing the program \Plastic SCM5\Server\plasticd.exe


Do let me know if anyone considers this a 'hacky' insecure way to fix the issue though!

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