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No owner / created by in change sets or branches

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Hi, I've been using Plastic SCM (Cloud) for a while but only now that the team started collaborating more, I realized our changesets have no owner/created by users. Even when I try to "colour by user" the branches, there's zero users to select.

That's only happening to one repo, from which we use local replicated from cloud repo. Users won't appear in local nor cloud repositories.

Some branches do have assigned owner... but just a few. It's really confusing.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi! My current installation is at (which I just realized it's not the latest, I can update to 11 and see how it goes). Only 2 users have been checking in changes for now, through the normal Plastic SCM (with cloud edition), but our users in Gluon also can't see who made the changes.



This is from my local repo, but @cloud repo is also having the same issue, it at least can colour by "Replication source" which gives us some hint of who has pushed the change set, but no "owner":

Here are the branches, as you can seem, some of them do have owners.


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Upgrading wasn't very smooth. After installing the newer version, for some reason Plastic couldn't connect to my local server anymore (when testing through cmd it said something about not having a license). Then I had to reinstall, then do a clean reinstall, then do an actually clean reinstall to make it work 😅 But I admit the new interface looks a lot nicer!

Anyways, now my new change sets are getting an owner again. The weird thing, though, is that I wasn't able to set my workspace with a local repo syncing to a cloud repo by using the "distributed" setup... It was just making a workspace point directly to the cloud. And with the new UI "distributed" doesn't even seem like an option, it just has the "Download Repository" option. I had to make a new repo by hand locally then use Sync Repositories to sync it with the cloud.

The weirder part is that now I seem to have a local (On-prtemises) user that I never created, with different credentials:


And my change sets have this username as owner, and I can't change it... so it doesn't match directly with my cloud user, which is a bit annoying. And when I try to change the profile I get this. 


I read somewhere that cloud users shouldn't need to handle this? Am I doing something wrong when setting up the local repo?

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I'm sorry that your upgrade experience was less than ideal. I'll make a note of that for the team. But I'm glad that your changesets are having owners set again.

As for the issues you were having with setting up a distributed workspace with a cloud repo, the issue lies with the view you were currently in. It looks like you were in the Home View for PlasticX, a new UI we've launched that aims to simplify the onboarding process for most users. However, it doesn't currently support setting up sync views like what you're looking for with your distributed workflow. To do that, you'll need to press the back button in the top left, open the Sync to Cloud tab, and create a sync view there between your local repo and your cloud repo. Can you also try switching to your cloud account in that view to see if you get the same LDAP error.

If you want to work centralized, where all your changes are synced directly with your cloud repo so that there's no need to push and pull from there first, then you can do that by not setting up the sync view and instead just creating a workspace from your cloud repository. You can do this on the Cloud tab by right-clicking on the repo you want to work on and, instead of selecting "Create a new sync view (push/pull)", select "Create new repository...". Then you can push changes straight to your cloud repo without needing a go-between. I hope that helps to clear things up.

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Hi @ryancassell! Thanks for the support!

To be honest I understood alright the part on how to work centralized (using only cloud), and working decentralized with Sync Views (which I managed to setup and am working already) - I do prefer working decentralized for some reason, probably my Mercurial background. But I feel more comfortable having a copy of the repo in my machine all the time.

The part that I didn't understand was about the "On-Premises" user that Plastic created automatically, which I don't know how or seem to have the authority to edit the profile.

Is there a way to change this On-Premises user name to match with my cloud user?

I just want more consistency in the "Owner" field. This also helps when colouring/filtering, etc. mainly since this problem is not only happening with me in my team. 


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Hi @LucasM, if you are using Plastic SCM Cloud edition, it transparently intalls a local server to handle your local repos.

But I'm afraid this local server cannot be reconfigured (you cannot change the authetnication mode, user names...).

I you want to host and configure a full local on-premises server (custom authetnication, users...) you will need to buy an Enterprise license for that puporse.



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I see, thank you! At least now it's clearer to me how things are working.

And although annoying, it's not impossible to live with the different names. I'd just leave the feedback that it's not ideal for cloud users never be able to set their "Owner" names, and not be able to keep coherency between cloud & local names when working distributed. Some solution to this would be a nice to have...

Great support btw, thanks again!

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