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Highly Dissatisfied, and Now Cannot Uninstall

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Hey, I am having several issues with uninstalling Plastic SCM from my Windows PC.

1# Every time I attempt to use the Add/Remove feature it presents the following error: "Windows cannot find 'C:\Program FIles\PlasticSCM5\uninstall.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." (In fact, at the moment it is stuck on that error and the only way I can fix it is by restarting my computer)

2# Plastic is constantly running in the background in the form of three processes on my Task Manager: One is Plastic SCM (taking up 12.1 MB), the second is Plastic SCM (named the same as the other, and taking up 3.6 MB), and the third is plasticd (taking up 38.1 MB). It seems that these processes running in the background prevent me from deleting Plastic's main folder on my computer, and no matter how many times I "end task them", they keep coming back up.

3# Is that Plastic's own uninstall application is not appearing to me as an application at all but a .dat file which seemingly cannot be read or launched by anything on my computer. (and yes, I have supposedly installed the shell executable or whatever it is called that comes optional with Plastic).

I have attempted to look up to see if others have had similar issues with the uninstall process, and I did come across one forum post in which an administrator by the name of Manu recommended installing Plastic again (presumably replacing the previous install) and then attempting to uninstall using the uninstall.exe, but as I stated, that's not working for me at all.

How do I get this off my system?

And for reference, this is where I installed my version of Plastic SCM: https://www.plasticscm.com/download

Also, here was the previous forum post I mentioned earlier:


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Alright, I managed to fix the issue and have successfully uninstalled Plastic SCM from my PC now.

For anyone else who might encounter this problem with their own uninstall, this is what I did.

Go into whatever folder you have installed your Plastic SCM into and delete the uninstall file (which to me was appearing as a .dat file, not an application or an .exe).

I don't know if deleting that is truly necessary, but that is what I did beforehand.

Next, launch an installer application for Plastic SCM and re-install Plastic SCM on your computer (making sure to tell it yes when it asks if you want to "replace your existing installed version of Plastic"). Then, the last part, do not agree to restart you computer after install. Instead, go immediately to your Plastic SCM's main folder again (where you installed it to), and you should now see the uninstaller as an application you can actually launch (or at least I did, and I have tested this method twice).

After it (hopefully) completes the uninstall process. Then you can agree to restart your computer, but only when promoted by the uninstaller application at finish. After that, there should be more no more Plastic processes running in the background of your task manager, and Plastic SCM should no longer appear on your computer as either an application to launch nor a program to uninstall in Add/Remove.

Probably the PlasticSCM5 folder will still be somewhere on your computer, but you can just find that in your C:\Program FIles\PlasticSCM5 (or wherever you installed it) and you should be able to safely delete that folder for extra measure.

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