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CLI tools slow


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We've recently built some simple convenience tools on top of the CLI tools provided with a standard Plastic client install (cloud edition). The problem I'm facing is that they seem to be unexpectedly slow. For example, running "cm status" in a very small Unity project* takes between 1.5s and 2s. This might not seem like much, but when trying to integrate this with other tools, things start to feel sluggish. Are there any settings that can speed up client side operations like this?

Note: Running on M1 MacBook Pro, seems like the executable is Intel. Is Apple Silicon available somewhere/planned?



* standard Unity folder structure, ignored Library and the usual stuff, a few scripts and very simple prefabs, Assets-folder being ~130k

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First of all, what we would need is to run a "cm iostats yourorganization@cloud" to check the actual speed that you are getting.
Based on those results we can try to ascertain why it is being that slow. Could you share that information?
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@calbzam has been very helpful looking into my issue and providing helpful pointers. Conclusion is that most of the time is spent in application startup overhead, and it's recommended to use "cm shell" or CmdRunner https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmdrunner/plastic-scm-version-control-cmdrunner-guide for better performance, neither of which I was aware existed - thanks @calbzam!

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