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TransactionTimeout vs SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec


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Can anyone explain if/when the server.conf <TransactionTimeout> and/or <SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec> should be used/updated?  The conf file I have now has 0 for <TransactionTimeout> (is 0 immediate or infinite timeout?)  and no entry for <SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec>.  Since updating from 9.x to 11.x PSCM server/client, I've been experiencing popup messages and user names not being resolved (displayed as a number instead of the the user name) on an intermittent basis - which usually indicates some type of sync/timeout issue.  I'm working this issue with Cindy at Unity/Codice, but hoped there might be an answer in the forum as well.


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Could you mention the ticket number you opened so we can match it? 

What is the Plastic SCM version you are using? We have mad a few improvements during the last month to better support checkin/update from slow networks and chaning these parameters shouldn't be necessary.

TransactionTimeout: this is a server side setting (the default value is 120 seconds). I would like to get more conext to understand why you are chaning this or how it can help to your issue.

The best approach to debug these issues is review the logs and based on that decide if we edit any of these parameters.





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