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How to ignore a folder from package manager in Unity/Plastic scm/ignore.conf

Pepe Vieri

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Hey :) I'm very newbie to plastic scm and I'm scared to mess with cloud saves. (had bad experience with git before) I'm trying to add "Easy Save3" folder which i downloaded from Unity's package manager into ignore list, but it won't let me do that like I did with "Pixel Crushers" and old hidden ".git"  files. How can I do this :)


-Best wishes, Pepe



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To ignore a private file or folder you just need to add it to the ignore.conf file. In your example adding /Assets/Plugins/Easy Save 3 should do the trick.

I do question why you would want this folder to be ignored, surely this is an integral part of your project which should be kept in source control?

Hope this helps!

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Hey, thanks! I tried to add /Assets/Plugins/Easy Save 3, but didnt work? Hmm now that I thought about it, i will keep my easy save in the cloud. I was trying to learn how to ignore files, especially those which are huge in file size  (still havent figured that out lol...) It worked with my dialogue asset. I ignore my dialogue file, bcs i can easily download it from the package manager again if  i need to.

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Regarding that it didn't work, do you mean that the file was still appearing as added in the pending changes view?

Keep in mind that the ignore.conf only works with private files, if the files are controlled then it won't work (in this case you could use the hiddenchanges.conf one).




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Hi @randall.c, the "hiddenchanges.conf" is automatically created when you add some files to the hidden changes list in the right-click menu.

You can find the file (or manually create it) in the following paths:

C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\hiddenchanges.conf


Please let us know if it helps.



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