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Can`t check out or update my workspace.


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We have been using plastic scm for some time now.

But sometimes we get such an error as in the picture, it happens in unity and also in plastic scm app. Because of this i can`t update my workspace or check out my changes. 

We resolved this issue by removing all files in workspace and download again all files. We also tried removing files from the list but this is a bad decision, because then you have to download them again.

My email is in the error window. Other users of this workspace doesn`t have such issue. 

We are looking for a way to fix this error without deleting files and reinstall all workspace if possible. 

Sorry for my language. But i try my best. 

Screenshot 2022-07-29 223728.png

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Hi @Garajnik,

In the error message, do you receive the message that those files are locked by yourself? Are you using the latest version of Version Control Package manager and Client application?

I have attached links that you might find useful




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