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Restore all files from .private.0


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Hello! Once I already used Plastic SCM in my project (in Unity, if that's important), but then I turned it off and didn't turn it on for about a year.

Last night I re-enabled Plastic SCM to sync files between PC and laptop and accidentally hit "Update workspace"... In short, all files that have changed since the last commit have been replaced with files from last year. This applies to scripts as well as scenes and prefabs in Unity and everything else.

After some digging around in my project and here on the forum, I realized that my old files were simply renamed to *.private.0. But the problem is that I have thousands of such files and manual editing can take weeks. Is there any way to automatically restore all *.private.0 files and delete files that Plastic SCM added from the cloud?

To be honest, I'm already afraid to click somewhere, so as not to accidentally confirm the changes and make them irrevocable. Of course, I already copied the project to another hard drive to save at least this, but still. These files contain the year of my work.

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Hi Ortan,

I'm afraid it is not possible. Those files are created when you are bringing content but already have files with the same name but different content. It is a failsafe measure, but in this case, it has proven detrimental. 

To make sure I understand what is going on, what happened is that you had a workspace, worked offline on it, and then got the content that was on the server, right? Plastic shouldn't allow you to run an update if you had new content, in any case, it should have launched the incoming changes feature. Was the workspace created from scratch, then added the content, and then run the update?




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