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Plastic CLI inconsistency ('Pipe' commands not consistent with running normal commands, getstatus inconsistent with status)


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I am working on a blender addon that should help users by checking out/adding exported files and the current blender file on the plastic workspace automatically.

For that, I planned to use the cli "cm" commands.
In some situations I need to get the status, add or checkout multiple files. And I want to do that at once, to make it quick.

Looking at the documentation, I can do that by piping multiple files after running one of the command followed by a "-".
It seems to work fine, but my problem is that it seems to be inconsistant with running cm commands normally. And just fails for example when trying to add a file that is not in the repository.

Some example:

>cm add "C:/File/Not/In/Repository.txt"
C:/File/Not/In/Repository.txt is not in a workspace.

>cm add - 
The selected items are about to be added. Please wait ...
Error: AssertForNullParams has found an empty string.

Which leads me to a second issue:
I thought I could check the status of the file to check if it is in the workspace. The issue here is that I can only user the 'getstatus' command using the 'pipe' method, and getstatus on a file that is not in the workspace returns 'the item C:/File/Not/In/Repository.txt is private.'

The 'getstatus' command behavior is also inconsistent with the 'status' command that would correctly output  'C:/File/Not/In/Repository.txt is not in a workspace.'


It would be amazing if a pass on the cli commands could be done, and unify all this. 'pipe' commands should have the same behaviour/output as running the command on a single file. getstatus should probably output the same as the status message.

It would help users create tools for plastic.

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The "cm add --help" command has a "--ignorefailed" flag. I'm guessing if this can be helpful for you.

You mention the "cm getstatus" command but I think the command that makes more sense is "cm status --help". It shows the changes in the workspace and allows to se different flags like "--changed" to show only the items you need based on the status.

Please let us know if it helps. 



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