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Undo Unchanged not undoing unchanged Hidden files


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I am encountering an issue where [Advanced > Undo Unchanged] does not affect files that are textually/semantically unchanged if they are also Hidden.

They are all auto-generated files, so we reasonably chose to Hide them, but that feature seems to be creating more problems than it's worth with the errors that is creating.


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It wouldn't be as much of a problem if it didn't mean I needed to sift through many many files to check for actual changes.

I also discovered that when switching branches: if I explicitly undo Hidden Changes (Show Hidden Files, then Undo for all), and my teammate does not do that, there are inconsistencies between the workspaces that lead to checksum errors, even if we both clean and rebuild our projects. So something is very wonky with Hidden files.

I believe I understand how Hidden vs Cloaked files are supposed to function, and these Hidden files seem to be acting more like Cloaked or ignored files, if they are unchanged when switching between branches, correct?


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If they are autogenerated files, why don't you add them to the ignored.conf? This way, Plastic won't even track them and there won't be any problem if these files are changed at some point. If you add them to source control, it means that you will need to submite changes on them but if I properly understand, this is not the case.

If you have some files under hidden_changes.conf, I would configure the Pending Changes view to not show the hidden changes, this way if the files are changed, it should be transparent to you and you won't commit them by mistake.



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