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[UE5] Plasticscm plugin unable to launch command line tool

Oleg Ferapontov

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Hello, could you share more details on your setup?

Plastic SCM GUI is working fine, but

  1. do you know if Plastic SCM is setup to save your credentials? (user/password to connected & authenticated to your server)
  2. can you check if you can call "cm" from Windows command line? eg "cm version" in "cmd.exe" or Windows Terminal
    1. this is what the plugin is trying to use
    2. can you check if you can run "cm status" from within your project?
  3. can you please share your log file TheEpicProject/Saved/Logs/TheEpicProject.log

I see that you are using Unreal Engine 5.0, under Windows, but looking at the Source Control Login window, I also see that you seem to be using the default Plastic SCM plugin that is completely outdated, that Epic Games brought from UE4 (so it doesn't support UE5).
Can you please install into your project the latest version of the Plastic SCM plugin (1.6.2) from https://github.com/PlasticSCM/UEPlasticPlugin#readme?


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