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Plastic SCM plugin 1.6.2 release merged for upcoming Unreal Engine 5.1


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We have released a new version 1.6.2 of the Plastic SCM plugin with more polish for Unreal Engine 5 Changelists UI/UX

Quite importantly, its PR has been accepted and integrated into ue5-main for the upcoming UE5.1 release!


What's Changed (selection):


  • Fix updating the cache of the changelist when interacting with files from the Content Browser (add/remove/checkout/revert)
  • Mimic P4V colors, the red icon if there are active file(s), the blue if the changelist is empty or all the files are shelved.


  • Fix calling too many times Progress.Tick() crashes the GPU Out of Memory: fixes SRombauts#86, SRombauts#93 and SRombauts#97
  • Support new cm changelist --descriptionfile Needed for multiline descriptions, as well as special character support: ?*"
  • Editing the Default changelist also moves all its files
  • Add support for new Plastic Icons now integrated into Unreal Engine 5.1
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