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Checking Differences of two Workspaces


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My Problem is that i have two branches that have to be merged functionally. There is one Main Branch with several Asset Changes and one Branch with the setup of a required tool to work with Multiplayer Projects. With Diff branches and Diff CS i could not find any problem to merge those two and get a compatible branch but that is not the case. So created a new branch and tried to cherry pick things from the main branch to get it running.

It would be great to have a tool to just compare to local Installs instead to find a discripancy between the two branches because Plastic SCM is not showing me what it is or is not letting me chose what i need to do.

For Example look at the picture below. you can see that the Asset folder is loaded twice but this folder is not only loaded twice but contains different stuff which is not shown in plastic scm so i could just manually change the files needed or at least have a method to compare them. (the asset changes)




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As those files and folders have the same name and are in the same Path, Plastic cannot simply merge them. They are identified as different items (which they are).

I'm not really sure what you are needing in this scenario. Would you like to compare the content of two local workspaces? That wouldn't be possible as private files belong to only one workspace and Plastic has no knowledge of them.




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