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What happened to gMaster? Is there a UI to work with local git repos?


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I was using gMaster for quite a long time because I loved the Branch Explorer and the Merging tools! I was actually excited to see the pricing options since I was ready to pay for it and to advertise it in my company.

Recently I realized there are no more updates. After checking, the gmaster.io domain no longer exists and the twitter account is deleted and all references in google seem to be gone. I can't find any news / announcements about it.

I found a post talking about it with a user commenting that you guys are the company behind it: https://livablesoftware.com/tools-to-visualize-the-history-of-a-git-repository/?unapproved=179&moderation-hash=2231723b72c97ab55f402ea8f34fda71#comment-179 

So is it discontinued forever?

Will you bring it back at some point?

Are you planning a new similar / product?

Is there a way to use Plastic without the server (working with local git repos)?

Thanks a lot

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Thank you for your support of Gmaster.

We have reached the difficult decision to focus our work on Plastic SCM and cease the development and support of Gmaster effective 30 March 2022.

As an alternative, there are several other options for your work going forward - including GitKraken, SmartGit, and SourceTree. You may also take advantage of similar features and functionalities by utilizing Plastic SCM as your source control. You can use Plastic SCM in indirectly with a Git repository, by syncing a Git Repo with a Plastic Repo, using the GitSync feature.

Hope this helps!

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