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Newbie - How do I fix this


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Hi everyone. I just started using plastic and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've caused an error I'm not sure how to fix. 

I guess I didn't download the latest version of our project and I tried adding some assets. Now I just have these scary errors. I'm not sure how to delete the changes I made, download the actual current version of our project and add assets to that. Plastic says I have the "Merge" the projects the fix the error but I don't want to do that I'm pretty sure I tried once and it failed.





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Probably what happened is that you made some changes while someone else uploaded theirs, that creates a conflict and in most cases plastic can handle them automatically, you might need to select what version of modified files you want to keep.

Please attach some screenshots of the errors you are facing so we can better assist you.
Unity Plastic SCM Support
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