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Crucible integration?


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What's the current state of Crucible integration with Plastic Cloud? I downloaded the Crucible plugin and followed the extremely limited instructions in its README. The plugin shows up in the list of add-ons and can be configured (following the walkthrough at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ocQTtwRJxc as far as I could), but Plastic doesn't show up as a valid repository type in Crucible afterwards.

Does the Crucible plugin work with Plastic Cloud?

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Cloud repositories are supported with the Crucible plugin. This is the task we released some time ago to support Cloud organization specs. The repository name doesn't need to include a full spec (just the repo name).

[Bug] Crucible plugin: The plugin was unable to list repositories from cloud server. Fixed: just enter the server name in the format [code]"YourOrganization@cloud"[/code] and leave the port field empty when adding a new repository.

Hope this helps!

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