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Limited By Days Evaluation License Has Expired


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I've been using Plastic SCM with UE4.27 without issue for a couple of months, but when I had my work password reset recently (which is also my login for Plastic), I have been unable to reconnect it to UE4 ever since. I can still log into and use the desktop app, but it's far less convenient and I have a couple of sync issues that I want to manage directly in the engine instead so I'd like to resolve this ASAP.

Essentially when I go Source Control > Connect to source control > Provider > Plastic SCM > Accept Settings, I get an error message that says "Limited by days evaluation license has expired." followed by "Connection Error: Limited by days evaluation license has expired." I have uninstalled the Plastic SCM desktop app and reinstalled it. I have removed the default Plastic SCM plugin from the engine and downloaded the 1.5.1 version (the latest 4.27 compatible one as far as I know) with no effect. I am at the end of my understanding and my rope so if anyone has a clue I welcome the input!


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