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Filtering out changes to specific folders or files for triggers


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We have a trigger that kicks off a build any time we check into our source control. However, there are some files that we want whitelisted, so that they do not trigger a build. We are currently filtering any file that is in /main, using the argument:


If we want to prevent filter out a specific file (or ideally, folder) from inclusion in the trigger, how can we do that?

Trigger documentation states that it utilizes regular expressions. Do we need to use a negative lookbehind, or lookahead? Has this been tested, and if so, what was the syntax used? Is there another way this can be accomplished without use of regex?

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 I tried lookbehind and lookahead and even an exclamation mark in case it was the same as Plastic's pattern files, but unfortunately, a negative filter does not achieve the outcome that you expect here. The options for filtering are very basic meaning wildcards (*) are as advanced as it gets. My suggestion would be to do your own conditional checking from the standard input within your trigger application.

I have raised this with the Product Management team as a possible improvement to the triggers functionality. Thank you for raising it!

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