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Plastic Subscription Questions


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This is my first post on the forum so I do not know where this goes but I am confused about the subscription I have for Plastic SCM and cloud storage with Unity. On the pricing tab on the Unity website Plastic SCM offers 3 active users per month and when the number of active users rises there is a fee of $7 per month applying to the 4th user and beyond. I am working on a project with 5 people currently and I made sure everyone was able to make, submit, and download changes from each other. The subscription tab on the Plastic website say that there are 5 active users but under Usage it says that there is no estimated charge. image.thumb.png.eac1a0426a37afae5c9a321960a9549d.png



 My worry is being charged without knowing it and so I wanted to know if I am and if so, where I can view this information. The amount of cloud storage we are using on the new project is really low so maybe that is why we are not getting charged. Then again, we also have more than 3 active users so maybe it is charging us, just not on usage. If someone can help me clarify these concerns I would appreciate it greatly.


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