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Teamcity Plugin - Manual "Merge Branch" command error


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When trying to merge from branch to main using teamcity "merge branch", the following error occurs:

Merging process failed: Failed to merge sources in VCS root DummyPlasticVCSRoot. Merge error Cannot find a VCS name of the branch '/main/task013' in VCS root "DummyPlasticVCSRoot" {instance id=70, parent internal id=8, parent id=Testing_DummyPlasticVCSRoot, description: "PlasticSCM: br:/main@TestVCSRepo.One@****@cloud"}, build #33.122 {build id=817, buildTypeId=Testing_DummyBuild}. Skip merging this VCS root sources..



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Yes but can't find the configuration admin pages for it.. 

also, I am a fan of the integration role model where builds are carefully put together from finished/tested branches instead of letting the sequencing of builds to rely on when developers complete the work (trunk-based model).  In my case, most times integrator will create the merges to main merging 2 or more branches to generate a build but in some cases it will be convenient to merge single branch directly from teamcity.

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