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Feedback - Confusing UI/UX on Pending Changes tab


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I have an issue with how the Pending Changes tab works that makes me a bit nervous when checking in or undoing changes. Here is an image that illustrates the problem:


There are two undo options that behave differently and affect different files. The one in the top toolbar applies to the checked files, and the context menu version applies to the selected files. This trips me up every time, and I am always a bit unsure as to what is to happen. 

After thinking about it for a while, I realized is that core issue is that Plastic is using two different ways of defining what is selected, and the UI somewhat arbitrarily decides which method to use.

My Suggestions: 

  1. Get rid of the checkboxes altogether, and in all instances use the highlighted files. This will clear up any ambiguity.
  2. Change the menu text to "Undo Selected" and add a tooltip to the Undo button with the same.
  3. Disable the Checkin and Undo button if there are no files selected.


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