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"Page down/up" no longer works in the pending changes

Francois Bertrand

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Am I the only one getting this? We often have large list of assets changed, and "Page Up/down" doesn't work correctly in the "pending changes" list:

  1. The first "page down" works, but then hitting page down doesn't scroll the list down
  2. If at the bottom or the middle of the list, "page down" actually scrolls the list UP by 1 line (?!)
  3. If at the bottom or the middle of the list, "page up" actually goes all the way to the top (behaving like "home")

Is this something weird on JUST my machine?! Thanks.

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Hi! I can't get a screenshot right now but it shouldn't help too much since this is about movement. Here are more specific steps:

  1. Go to the "pending changes" screen when there are many files present (more than 1 screens worth, i.e. there is a scrollbar to the right. You can get this more easily if you make the "differences" window at the bottom very tall)
  2. Select ("highlight") the top file in the "changed items" list (could also be added/moved items)
  3. Hit "page down" three times. The first time you hit the key, the selection moves to the bottom of the current screen, the other touches have no effect.
  4. -> Do note the ARROW KEYS do work as expected (moving up and down the list), but not the Page up/down
  5. See my initial post for other unexpected behaviors

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions, thank you!

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