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Suggestions for updating procedure user experience


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The standard advice is always "make sure you get the latest version of PlasticSCM" and it seems there is a new version every few days.

As a user, this experience is really bad. I have to:
1. Check my version
2. Go to the website
3. Find the download page
4. Scroll down and find the tiny "Show changes in release:" text to see what the latest version is
5. Parse the very long number to see if it is newer than my current version

Please could you do one or more of the following:

* Show if there new version is available somewhere in the app. Under the About page, or a little icon somewhere, something.
* Clicking that should either update the app directly, or at least download the latest version


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Thanks to a roughly weekly cadence of PlasticSCM releases, there's almost always a newer version avaiable :) Hence an icon or a notification would add an extra distraction.

In managing our Plastic environment, I tend to do server updates 3 – 4 times a year. And thanks to great backwards compatibility, I rarely increase the minimum client build number to enforce updates in all DEV VMs. However, I am considering to automate this and push new versions more frequently, ideally with a monthly cadence to our server and all VMs.

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