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Plastic SCM for web applications


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looking to move from bitbucket over to Plastic SCM. It seems generally Plastic SCM is preferable for projects using Unity (anything with larger files) etc. I'm using a digital ocean droplet (Ubuntu 22.04) to host web applications, with deploys from bitbucket. I'd like to clarify a few more things about Plastic SCM cloud... 

  • when using source control for web apps all that's necessary is cloning a repository / supplying a repository link. Can the same be done with Plastic SCM? Or, does the client need to be installed for this to work, if it can be used this way?


  • When installing Plastic SCM client, how much memory is required? In my case i'd like to pull a couple repos up from cloud, nothing heavy, and ignore other repos that contain some chunkier projects. Is it possible to install only those few repositories and ignore other repos in the cloud list on a connected machine?


  • Another thing... I see Plastic SCM has a great GUI, but can it be used with the command line alone, with the cloud?


Thanks for your help :) 

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