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Issue: There has been an unexpected error "The item should be found on the server tree. Child [x]. Parent [y]".


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I've run into an issue that I can't seem to resolve. I've attached some screenshots of the relevant error messages. I'm trying to checkin my changes but I keep getting this message (see: Title). I've tried:

  • creating a backup of my changes and undoing all of them via Plastic (fails and prompts a popup message: The revision to reload was not found)
  • shelving the changes (fails and prompts a popup message: There has been an unexpected error "Can't find 'x' in the server. The checkin must be cancelled. This only happens if your workspace is corrupt. This is what you can do to fix it: backup your changed files, undo your workspace changes, then run an update, and finally reapply the changes manually and retry the checkin operation. If it still fails, please contact support@plasticscm.com". For more information check the server log.
    • I have attempted this fix but it has not worked for me
    • I cannot find the server log in the localappdata/plastic4/logs folder
  • checking in my changes to a different branch (fails and prompts the original issue message)
  • reimporting all assets in Unity

The only solution so far has been to checkin a few files at a time but even with that there are (unfortunately) a large number of changes, moves, deletes, and additions and this does not work or seem feasible for all of them.

As it stands I'm pretty much stuck with these changes without being able to checkin or undo. Does anyone have a workaround for this?


My current version for Unity is 2020.3.41f1 and for Plastic it's




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