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Hide/disable license warning?

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The PlasticX GUI has a license expiration warning that the old GUI did not have.

We have a company-wide, sysadmin-maintained, auto-renewing subscription license, so none of our users EVER need to care about this, and even if they did, there is nothing they can do about it - only the sysadmin can.

Nonetheless, that bright-red error bar now sits permanently (for at least the whole day?) on top, it can neither be closed, nor dismissed, which is very confusing and distracting to the users.

So is there an option to disable this license check/warning, and if not could you please add a configuration for that, or at the very least make it dismissable?

Thanks a lot! 🙂 


(PlasticX, Windows)

Screenshot 2022-11-24 184352.png

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