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hierarchical branches with git


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I am using plasticscm on two windows notebooks:

 * nb1

 * nb2


then I am using gitsync to replicate to a linux git server.


I have hierarchical branches, for example main/task0001, main/dev/task0001 etc.


after replication sometimes a few hierarchies are shown correctly, but most of

the time, the branches are shown like main-task0001 or main-dev-task0001.


I am using "Replication" -> "Sync with Git..." from the plastic gui, is there something

more to do?



Best Regards,



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I'm afraid that Git branches are all having the same level that's why when you push plastic branches the / symbol is renamed to -.

When you push from git to Plastic sometimes the names are not correct. It's something we would like to improve but since the content is OK the task is not high prio right now.

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