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Commit mysteriously rebased

Andreas Podgurski

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I think, our cloud instance has a serious issue, but maybe I don't understand anything.

We have a repository for a library. We did some feature branching in there, as we were two developers, who were maintaining this library. Everything worked fine and everything was in place and the head revision is still correct. Anyway, a new collegue created another feature branch, which then was orphant for unknown reasons. I had to delete this one, but since then, a much older commit (revision 68 in our case) points to revision 0 as parent instead of 67. This results in a totally weird and confusing branch tree.

Is this to blame on us and how can we fix this? Or is this an issue of something gone south within the server?

Please let me know, which further information is needed for analysis.

Thanks in advance,
Andreas Podgurski
UIisses Digital

Update: After further investigation, the issue is much more disturbing. There are two completely different repositories displayed within this one - while the other repository remains "clean", this one shows the commits of both. I guess, that is something for the support eventually?

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It seems that somehow you replicate the history of the "UIStateService" into the "UIToolkit" repo. 

Could you check with any of the users with access to the repo if they run any replica operations? Are you replicating repos in your workflow?

Could you review the changeset guids of any of these replicated changesets to check if they are the same changesets guids in the original "UIStateService" repo? This will clarify if what happened is actually a replica between the repos.



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