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Better UX on merge feature.

Marc S

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Hi everyone.

On the new UI, when trying to merge branches, you can't see much as the window is limited in size. So we can only see the start of the branches names, or their dates, but not both.

There is also a lack of filtering. A filter exists but it requires the user to type something while in most cases, they just want to see the main branch and the branch with their last commit. So what's displayed is never what we need and never complete. This gets worse with every new branch added to the list.


A better UX would allow to save the main branch as a favorite so it's always on top in the list while the other branches would be sorted by last changes dates. This way, both requires branches would be displayed on top at the same time and right away.


A more advanced UX would add some options in the contextual menu when right clicking on a changeset : merge from main to this branch and merge to main from this branch. Main would be saved once as a favorite and then users would be able to make these common operations from that shortcut without clutter from all the branches.

Considering these are most of our merges in my experience, this would save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for taking the time to offer us your feedback and suggestions for our UX design. We appreciate your opinion.

Our product team will be reviewing your suggestions, which I have already shared with them. We'll keep you informed.

If you have any further ideas or if there is anything else we can do to help, let us know.




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