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PlasticPlugin looping through "Updating/Checking Files" on every UE project


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See attached gif for example.

This is absolutely driving me crazy. I've wasted days on this so far. PlasticSCM used to work no problem with UE, but now is not working at all. It seemed to start happening after I built/rebuilt a project in Visual Studio, but that could be a total red herring.

1. Start new Unreal 5.1 blank c++ project
2. Click "Source Control" when open
3. Follow setup guide precisely as listed here for Engine OR Project setup: https://github.com/PlasticSCM/UEPlasticPlugin#readme, using correct username, waiting for "Checking Files Into Source Control" to complete before finishing the dialog, etc.
4. Verify that source control is now enabled and there are no errors.
5. Save all in UE, save all in Visual Studio.
6. Close UE and Visual Studio.
7. Start project from explorer OR from Epic Games Launcher
8. Wait for project to load..
8a. At about ~90% loaded, observe the loop shown in attached gif, displaying "Checking/Updating..." while trying to load /StarterContent/Architecture/Floor_400x400
8b. Wait a few minutes while this loop drives you crazy.
9. Observe that UE finishes loading.
10. Click on Source Control and "View Changelist".
11. Observe a change list of 267 files, while 3,626 need to be checked for reconcile. See attached "changedAssets.png"
12. Close out of UE and look at logs to see a huge list of items being checked out and wonder why the heck things aren't working anymore: MyProject.log

I'm also attaching "backup" logs.

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled Unreal 5.1 and PlasticSCM, for the record. When I do "cm version" in the Command Prompt I get "" back. Same thing when I do "cm version in UE"
  • If I do a checkin of all these files, the same exact thing happens again. All of the files are loaded again with only their dates/times being changed, see "changedAssets.png" above.
  • If I open up PlasticSCM I see the same list of assets ready to be checked in once again. See SCM GUI for an example:

    PlasticSCM used to work so well, so easily. Now I can't do any work in UE without endangering everything I do. I am at the end of my rope, and am thankful for any help anyone has to offer!



MyProject-backup-2023.01.24-22.48.28.log MyProject-backup-2023.01.24-22.31.04.log MyProject-backup-2023.01.24-22.05.00.log MyProject-backup-2023.01.24-22.56.37.log

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Adding /StarterContent to my cloaked AND ignore lists don't seem to do anything here. This time when I load up the project I get this "check out assets" dialog.checkoutAssets.png.8fe70f5a82f7af8a7f849f96eb297d7c.png

When I click "Check out Selected" I get "The following assets could not be successfully checked out from source control:


If I click OK, UE opens. Then when I try to "save all" I get the CheckoutAssets Dialog again:

Then the "Could not check this out" dialog above. Over and over until I choose "Make Writable."
Then, next time I open the project I have to wait for the "Updating/Checking" loop again for ~5 min:

What an absolutely godawful experience.

I've attached the logs.MyProject.log



ignore.conf cloaked.conf

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Hello @gharris

I don't know if you still need help on that?
Thanks a lot for the detailed post, the provided logs and all, it could be very useful!

From what maters, I believe that what you are reporting is totally unrelated to the source control plugin, or Plastic SCM;
it seems to me that the Unreal Editor believe that every asset is outdated, need to be upgraded to a newer version of the Engine or something like that, and as such checkout them all!

Let me know if you ever reproduce it, in which case we would need to look at Unreal logs (and perhaps report the bug to Epic Games themselves)


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