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shelf+revert->workspace update->apply changes = A ton of duplicate files.

Power Jake

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[unity 2021.3.9f1,  plastic scm version,  unity version control package 1.17.2]


I'll come clean. I was being lazy and not really trying to make sure I was using plastic scm correctly. Now, in the process of cleaning my project and making that right, I have duplicated a ton of files and I'm wondering what to do.

I started by reorganizing all of my game's files, which had fallen to madness. I tried to push and got the error found here: 

Before trying the solution, I noticed that in my recent check-ins I couldn't be bothered to check the boxes on some local changes. Surely nothing can go wrong if I just check them now. I also noted many moves were recorded as deletes+additions.

I checked all the changes listed, then started the solution. shelf+revert -> update workspace -> apply shelved changes, but things went wrong before I would check-in.

I focused on the unity editor window before closing it or applying shelved changes. I fear this caused it to generate new things that I don't want. My already huge list of changes expanded with new entries I don't understand.

And the main problem, there are now a ton of duplicate files. At least one copy in the new and neatly sorted places, and one wherever things used to be.

Thankfully, I have a backup of the project in a zip file with correct state. But I need help to fix the workspace and repository before I make it worse.

I'm working on my own, so I don't need to worry about messing anybody else up.


On reading the linked post again, I realized that solution was for merges getting the problem. I was just doing a normal check-in. Not sure if that changes anything.

Edited by Power Jake
Found I misread the linked post. Problem still stands.
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