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In features list of PlasticSCM there is information that version 5.4 has a possibility to store BLOB in filesystem instead of putting them into DB. And what more threshold for size is configurable.

I tried to find this option both in documentation and in tool and failed.

Could you please point me the right place to read/configure it.


Thank you in advance.

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Here you have it!


1) The blob storage configuration is done inside the "db.conf" file, you can include a "BlobStorage" section like the following one:

  <ConnectionString>DataSource={0};Persist Security Info=False;Max Database Size=4090;Max Buffer Size = 4096;Password=;</ConnectionString>
     <BasePath>C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\blobdb</BasePath>

1.1) The "BasePath" parameter will set the location of the blob files. Here is where the indexed files will live. Make sure the write permission is granted.

1.2) Revisions bigger than the "MinSize" parameter will be stored in blobs. It's specified in bytes.


2) Restart the Plastic SCM server


The Checkin operation is around 2.8 times faster.

The Update operation is around 1.5 times faster.


Of course you need to start working with the blob storage from the beggingexiting data in a given repository is not migrated into blobs.

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@manu Needing to move the blobs storage off the drive we're using for Plastic to a larger one -- will doing the above configuration change affect my existing projects in any way? I can't afford to have them offline in any capacity right now but need the space. 

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Hi, We explain the datils in the following guide:


  • Quote

    blobspath - Specify the path where Jet will store blobs. This way, Jet stores blobs and metadata in different paths. This is useful because it makes possible to put metadata in faster and more expensive storage, and blobs in slightly slower and cheaper one (blobs will need much more storage than metadata).

    Regards, Carlos.

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