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Xlink content updating only if no pending changes


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I have a Xlink in my repo.
Every time after I update this xlink's target CS to another one in the targetted branch (because I want to fetch latest change on this branch), and after checking in this xlink configuration change, the xlink content is actually not updated in my workspace and clicking "update workspace" still silently refuses to update this xlink content.

=> To have it updated, I need to have zero pending changes in my workspace.

I did not find this advertised anywhere, thus creating confusion and wasted try&error investigation time.
I would suggest warning users about this in the doc, in the CLI's resulting prints and in the GUIs.


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Hi @VBes,

You are definitely right, let me raise the concern to the product Team.

An error or warning popup should appear when updating a workspace with pending changes and a xLink, indicating it is not possible and that the Xlink won't be updated until no pending changes.

Unity Plastic SCM Support
Virtualize your Workspace. Make it dynamic.

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