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restrict permissions on check in to merge only


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You will need to create a before-clientcheckin trigger to check if the checkin is involving a merge operation or not.


To check if you are committing you'll need to check the "$wkpath\.plastic\plastic.mergechanged" file. It contains something like:

Merge from 436 (mount:56e62dd7-241f-41e9-8c6b-dd4ca4513e62#/#default@localhost:8084): C:145:120 

When you are checking-in a merge. Means that you are mergin from the changeset #436 of the default repository.


If you are not committing a merge you can make the trigger fail.

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I have the same problem. I would like to enforce developers to create branches and not working directly on the main branch.

I have a problem with client triggers since each dev use different paths, different OS ...

Is there a way to enforce that on the server side without client trigger??

Or is there a way to set the clientbefore-checkin trigger path to the local workspace path (each dev have his workspace in different path, but if there is a way to use variable like $WKSP_PATH that point to each dev local path?? )




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