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How do we integrate with Monodevelop for Unity?

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Hi, we're just getting started with Plastic; one of the big bullet points is how nicely integrated Plastic is with Unity, but I can't find any instructions for setting it up in Monodevelop. Is it unsupported? If not, how do you set it up? It does seem to work fine with Unity itself, although it doesn't seem to notice when I change source files.


I did see a blog post from I think 2012 where Monodevelop support was mentioned as being worked on, that's all I can find.

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We don´t have s specific plugin for MonoDevelp. When installing Plastic you can select the SCC plugin that it´s generalistic plugin that works with a lot of IDEs.


Anyway, you can always use the transparent SCM feature:



This way, you can york with your favourite IDE and the changes will be transparently detected by Plastic.  You don´t need a plugin to use Plastic as your SCM.




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