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Hey Team

Firstly, I am a new [yet late] adopter of PlasticSCM, it's a breath of fresh air, it's a lovely product

I also use FinalBuilder to fully automate debug and release builds with a multitude of actions involved

I was disappointed with the PlasticSCM Actions inplemented in FinalBuilder7 because they don't take into account how most people use FinalBuilder - heavy use of variables and strategic use of FileSets

The PlasticSCM CheckIn and CheckOut actions require a hardwired file/folder specification - no wildcards, no variable support, no FileSet support - having to specify the files twice [CheckOut & CheckIn] is a maintenance overhead and risk

What I did was define a FileSet to search %SolutionPath% [recursively] looking for all AssemblyInfo.cs files

I then used the Iterator to process the FileSet putting each file into variable %FileName% and calling the PlasticSCM Generic action which was "cm co %FileName%"

Much later in the build script I iterated the FileSet again calling the PlasticSCM Generic action was was "cm ci %FileName%"

This is more robust and easier to maintain - but it would be even better if the PlasticSCM actions supported FileSet etc

I could not get the Label Workspace action to work - it won't even tell me what the problem is (just gives 3 generic possible reasons for failure)

I was able to use two Generic Actions to make a label and then apply label - no problem

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Hmmm, I've just discovered the problem with my iteration approach:

It creates multiple changesets, not what we really want

I'll have to look into piping the file list into the ci and co commands

Too easy actually:

Define the SCMFileSet to quote the file names and separate them with a space

Then issue a PlasticSCM generic action: cm co %SCMFileSet.ALLFILES%

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